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Rp 25.000,-


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Kode: HB4 ultra- fine woven (ungu)
HARGA :Rp.25.000

Ultra-fine fibers woven into hair can easily take away the sebum and dirt in the hole, so that the skin delicate, smooth and clean.

* Glove design, easy to use.
* Gently massage to draw a circle, we can take away the annoying hair dirty hole Oh!
* Recommendation: Use once a week.

◎ remover, wash with warm water and wet towels after gloves, gently massage the facial skin of a circle, and finally to rinse with water.
◎ Please use a rub on the make-up water (or toner) and other skin care products.
◎ Do not use dry or too hard to use, to avoid skin injury.

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