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✿ H&B-CamiS45
✿ Harga : Rp.60.000
✿ (1 paket isi 3)
Each set contains three: white - black - flesh-colored

Tile size: 21 * 18cm

Three regulation size suitable for the majority of women

Cami Secret is a new kind of secret fashion accessories. With the low-cut clothing, seamless, and did not like the small lace vest kind of bondage.

It looks like a lace vest, but in fact is a fast, simple clip is designed to connect to your bra strap.

This clip allows you to Cami Secret up or down to control how much you want to reveal.

It is the perfect control collar low-cut top, sweaters, skirts and more overalls. Can you expand your wardrobe, the appearance of the floor and add some color of the moment.

Cami Secret is made of breathable, lightweight materials, with a pretty lace border. One-size-fits-all.

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