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Kode: HB10- 100
HARGA :Rp.100.000

harga : 100.000,-
5 polished accessories, a portable bag and a nail Po host composed of a total of seven items. Color package. ABS quality raw materials manufacturing.
the quality motor running no noise;
2, ergonomically designed, stylish, feel good;
3, four polished head used interchangeably, easy to use, safe and does not hurt the hand.
Instructions for use:
The 1st metal grinding heads - grinding nail corner, thick dead skin, hand-cocoon
2 polished head ---- tapered sanding, the nail corners
The polished the 3rd head ---- cylindrical sanding, for nail heel
The 4th polished head ---- disc-shaped sanding,
Brushing the surface of the nail for the 5th polishing head ----

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